Saturday, July 10, 2010


Made for the shade!

A view from above...

and below!


g-man said...

Hi Felicita's...
I was thrilled to see you My Friend, even though you Hozed me on the 55 eh?...Take Off!

It matters not, I'm sure you'll return to the fold soon enough.
(I can hardly wait!!)

BTW...Your NYC pics are very cool!
You ROCK Anyway...:-)

g-man said...

Sorry to inflict such a Boorish Yankee custom upon you My Friend, but I LOVE being FIRST!


otin said...

I love the views from Central Park!

It is funny how we have incorporated man made structures into are view of what is scenic!

Felicitas said...

G-Man, you are hilarious! I LOVE that you were first!

Otin - That's so true. But in some places in the world natural surroundings are just in such short supply we have to be grateful for whatever we can get!

Brian Miller said...

wonderful this heat...i am made for the shade too and those trees look mighty inviting.. smiles.

Larry said...

well I never realized you were from New York.. Ive never been there but I wouild love to visit someday on the fourth of July Because I hear the fireworks around the statue of Liberty is suppose to be really awesome to see. Tell me have you ever seen that ?

I'm posted also just follow the link below Oh and Thanks for visiting.

Summer Days

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Felicitas said...

Hi Larry - I'm from Toronto, not New York, but my sister lives there so I get to visit from time to time.

Regarding the 4th of July fireworks along the Hudson River, I actually did get to see them this year. My sister lives on the Upper West side in an apartment that overlooks the river so we had front row seats! I'll post a few of those pics for you tomorrow.

Dulce said...

beautiful shots.
I guess it must be hot there I feel it by the sun and shades... So here it is! your so very expected summer!
It's really hot in here too so...

Hugs ;)

Claudia said...

Such lovely pictures - I would love to have a walk there and sit on that bench in the shade - with a good book or someone nice to talk to - very inviting!!
Have a great day!

Jingle said...

lovely trees.!

Mama Zen said...

Nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos!

Jingle said...

5 awards,
3 for poetry,
2 for general blogging,
ignore if dislike them,
Happy Monday!