Friday, July 9, 2010

Keeping the Peace

I’m off from work today… but being the typical multi-tasking mom that I am it’s not much of a holiday. My older son, Noah, is starting high school in the fall and needs a uniform. So in an effort to avoid the line-ups in August or on any given weekend, we went today – and yes, it was a good idea and he really does look sharp in his new blazer, dress shirt and khakis. On top of that, we dropped the dog off at the groomer and were planning to hit Chapters for some summer reading material and maybe, I thought, I’d even get the chance to sit down to a nice lunch with my two sweet boys before swinging back to pick up the pampered pooch on our way home… but this was not to be as the cost of my sanity just seemed like too steep a price to pay.

Instead, as I’m sure anyone with kids has also experienced at least a thousand times, this is how it actually went down: A wee bit of boredom at the uniform shop led to finding amusement in torturing one another which after what seemed like a ridiculous amount of time dangerously threatened to ignite parental fireworks.

So, after rushing out of the shop with our purchases, and then urgently breaking all speed limits in an attempt to get the monsters kids home before completely losing my cool, I saw hovering above us a white dove with outstretched wings and tail feathers. This was very odd: First, because of how it was flying and second, because we don’t often see white doves in our neck of the woods. So this has to mean something, right?

According to spiritual psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner Steven D. Farmer who has written extensively on the subject of connecting with animal spirit guides, when we encounter animals in unusual ways it may be a sign to pay attention to what that animal represents. In this case, doves signify bringing peace, harmony and love into the world. As I was far more focused on the opposite feelings at that exact moment, I’m taking this to have been both a warning of not allowing my anger to get the better of me, and also a pat on the back for generally being a good peacekeeper.

While I know I can’t absolutely control my teens’ behaviour except through threats of extreme punishment such as taking away the Xbox, I do recognize that by consistently modeling a harmonious and loving demeanor, I can have a powerful and positive impact on them... even if they don’t immediately follow suit. So little dove, thank you for your timely message, and I will continue to do my best.


Brian Miller said...

talk about right place right time...glad you found your peace...i understand the

Sherry said...

I love your humorous approach to conveying your message! Hope you're feeling peaceful now!

Noelle said...

wow...that is a wonderful message!

Wendilea said...

How wonderful to connect with animal spirit guides! I remember and kinda miss those mischievous sibling antics, though at the time it was sometimes hard to keep my cool. Brightest blessings and Namaste!

Nevine said...

Oh, I wish you patience, Felicitas. It can't be easy to be a parent. And I believe entirely in connecting with all sorts of guides. Sometimes we need a little extra help in navigating the complexities of this life.

Best wishes for a lovely weekend!


Tabitha Bird said...

Peace is one of those things we all need reminding of sometimes. Especially us mums. :)

Anonymous said...

Good insight, thanks for sharing. Now just send the dove my way *smile*

justsomethoughts... said...

love it
hilarious and well-paced