Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What You Don't Know

Thank you, Jingle, for this lovely award. In keeping with its tradition, I have posted it along with a list of 7 things you don’t know about me – linked it back to Jingle – and nominated 7 other blogging pals for the award:

And now for my list:
  1. I’m a certified practitioner of various healing modalities including Reiki, Blue Star and Ruach.
  2. I am passionate about the environment. 
  3. I’m almost as passionate about my MAC.
  4. I am obsessed with crystals… and have amassed quite an impressive collection, including 2 skulls.
  5. If tetherball was an Olympic sport, I’m certain I’d have won a gold medal at the age of 12 (yep, I was THAT awesome).
  6. I’m addicted to Nutella and will happily eat it with a spoon.
  7. I’m constantly accused of wearing too much black… but, really, can there be such a thing?


Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you Felicitas! I am honored to receive this in such good company and especially from you. You are one of the most creative bloggers I know.

Much obliged.


Ronda Laveen said...

Thank you, Felicitas, for the award. I didn't know you were a Reiki practitioner. I've not heard of Blue Star or Rauch. You are a healer and mighty.
There can never be too much black. I wear it a lot too. Although, when I do a lot of energy work, receive a lot of energy work or am in the presence of great masters who are doing energy work on many people at a time, I wear light colors so the matter is not as dense. Again, thank you. Look for my seven things on my side bar in a day or so.

Shadow said...

congratulations! and no, one can't possibly wear too much black!

Brian Miller said...

no there is not...

you have crystal skulls? cool. i hear indiana is looking for one too...smiles.

congrats on the award.

Nevine said...

Felicitas, Congratulations on your award! And it's good to know a little about you. I'm passionate about my Mac, too. And I, too, am obsessed with crystals. I have one that is always somewhere on my body... I never take it off. And there is absolutely no such thing as wearing too much black! That is THE color. Enjoy your award! :-)


Dulce said...

This is such an honor, my dear Felicitas.
Thanks a lot and congrats. YOU deserve it!

Monkey Man said...

Yes, crystal skulls...would love to see them. Also, thank you for your kind words regarding my mother. You are a dear.

Anonymous said...


thanks my sweet friend... you do this to me a lot..*winks* you wanna know anything more just ask me... *smiles*


Prayer Girl said...

Congratulations on your award.

I tend to think black is a little too dark (like in mood), BUT I like wearing black, especially for it's slimming qualities. :)


Susan at Stony River said...

I love that list! (Who wouldn't eat Nutella with a spoon?!)

Congratulations on the award too; definitely well-deserved.

Realliveman said...

Well deserved award!

Jingle said...

nice post!
glad to see you shine!

Felicitas said...

Mimi - If anyone deserves an award for creativity it's you, Ms. Pencil Skirt!

Ronda - I think I'm addicted to studying different healing modalities. Blue Star is sort of an extension of Reiki. In fact, you generally have to have had at least Level 2 Reiki before you can take the Blue Star course. Ruach is Kabbalistic and quite different in technique.

Shadow - I agree. Black has power.

Brian & MM - Perhaps I'll photograph my "guys" one of these days to accompany a piece on crystal skulls. I think they're really beautiful - though they have the ability to creep some people out.

Nevine - Crystals are amazing. I almost always have some with me as well - either in a pocket or worn as jewellery.

Dulce & Thomas - Thank you. You guys are every bit as deserving of this award, which is why I nominated you.

PG - There's nothing wrong with being dark every once in awhile. Before you can walk the empowered middle line, you have to have embraced both light and dark.

Susan - Nutella is the best thing since sliced bread!

Realliveman - Thank you!

Jingle - Thank you for nominating me. This was a fun exercise.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to "catch up" on reading some of my favorite blogs recently, when I came upon this post. I sincerely apologize for missing this beautiful award and many many thanks for even considering me! Your blog is so inspirational and beautiful and the award is well deserved my friend. I apologize also for allowing myself to be so busy the past few months that I've fallen behind on keeping up with my blogger friends.

Eric Alder said...

Jingle always picks good ones.

I've always been afraid to try Nutella because I'm certain it's AWESOME and I don't want to become addicted!