Thursday, March 18, 2010

Battle Cry

The chance to love and laugh,
To truly learn and grow,
Watch our children’s children
Run and play and know
Human expectations
Surpassed because we dared,
United in the glory
Of this planet we all shared.
Before another moment
Slips away into the night
Hold up the torch of wisdom
And project it into light.

55 Flash Fiction Friday: Compose a story in 55 words and report back
to the G-Man at …every Friday.

And now, just for a little inspirational fun (because being hero should occasionally be fun):


Sh@KiR@ CK said...


That is so beautiful!
Every single line of the poem
but I love the last line the most.
Thank you so much.

Such a cute but relevant video!

Keep the FUNNIES in your weekends!


Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Oh my, I spelled your name wrongly.
So sorry, Felicitas. I am still getting use to my bifocals. *sigh*

anthonynorth said...

An excellent, uplifting poem.

Mona said...

Wise words those!

Brian Miller said...

nice. carrying the torch this weekend... great 55.

mine is up!

Peter Stone said...

Very uplifting, and I hope people can realize this before as you said, "another moment slips away into the night."

Jingle said...

love it very much, no kidding!
Happy Friday 55!

Hootin' Anni said...

This one is so very poignant!!

Here's mine Take Pleasure - 101

Have a super terrific weekend.

Maha said...

I truly loved the hope and beauty in your poem. I've read over and over again to fully grasp the depth of it. Thanks a lot for the award. I'll post next week along with a couple of other awards.

Enchanted Oak said...

If all we get to do in this life is love and laugh, learn and grow, and watch our children's children run and play, we are well blessed. Good words of wisdom from you to all of us!
My 55 is Here

Anonymous said...

and make no mistake we need to protect it.... its in grave danger and slipping from us each day...

Alice Audrey said...

This is very uplifting. Nicely worded.

Buzzard said...

As everyone has already commented, very inspirational and motivating.

Well Done.

My 55: My Invisibility

Shadow said...

THAT is what superhero's do? that IS what superhero's do!

lady macleod said...

The film clip was great fun. The photograph stirred some deeply buried sadness within me. The words were lovely.

Thank you for sharing.

Monkey Man said...

As usual, you inspire. Affection to you my friend.

Yvonne said...

Good 55. I love the last four lines. Very nice.

Felicitas said...

Shakira - Thank you... and please don't give the spelling another thought. I'm used to it : )

Anthony, Mona & Brian - Thank you. You guys put in stellar contributions this week as well!

Peter - I hope so too.

Jingle - Thanks for being the best cheerleader around. Your support of our community of writers is wonderful.

Anni - Your 55 is hilarious! Thanks for stopping by to see me.

Maha - Thank you. I love reading your work because of it's depth and beauty, as well.

Chris - I so agree. This started off as a "bucket list" but turned into something else when I finally realized that all I truly care about is the health and happiness of future generations on this planet.

Thomas - Precisely. We all need to act now and keep on taking action until we no longer have an issue.

Alice & Buzzard - Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments. I really enjoyed both of your 55s as well.

Shadow & Lady M. - I just couldn't resist posting this ad; it's precious. They have one on super villains too which is even better.

MM - Thank you, so much. Your words always move me, as well.

Yvonne - I know we all have it in us to be true heroes. I refuse to believe otherwise.

Ronda Laveen said... are a true energy worker, a Light worker and a shining tower of Light.

PattiKen said...

This was very inspiring. And I loved the little video! Hooray for superheroes!

My 55 is up here.

Susan at Stony River said...

I loved it all the way through but the final lines are just wonderful. Yours are always such a treat to read aloud, too!
I hope you're enjoying a good Spring weekend.

Felicitas said...

Ronda - Thank you! It's certainly what I aspire to be.

PattiKen - Yes, the little superheroes are very sweet. They make me smile every time I watch it.

Susan - So glad you liked it. Spring arrived this week and left just in time for the weekend... but I expect it will return again shortly.