Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just Nuts... or Not

It’s just a candy bar.
Chocolate, sugar
And crushed nuts.
What could be the harm?

People with allergies
Just need to be
More careful.
Take responsibility.

That’s what they said.
That’s what they thought.
Until she collapsed
Just in front of them.

Red faced and
Gasping for life.
Just because someone
Couldn’t imagine the harm.

55 Flash Fiction Friday: Compose a story in 55 words and report back
to the G-Man at …every Friday.

This week a woman I work with experienced a second near-fatal allergy attack. While we don’t know exactly what triggered it, we suspect it had something to do with the large amounts of food, which are constantly circulating within our office area.

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to live with a condition like this. Or be the parent of a child with such an allergy. I do know, however, the next time I begin to feel inconvenienced by any nut free rule, I will remember my friend and instead feel fortunate that this is the only thing I have to worry about. 


Yvonne said...

Good one. And an important topic.

Food allergies are becoming more prevalent and have been scientifically linked to the GMOs in our food but of course science is swept under the rug and hushed at the door and strong-armed in the lab when it comes up against the genetic engineering of Monsanto and their monied juggernaut.

Ronda Laveen said...

Nothing like seeing a life threatening incident to drive a point home. Bodies are bodies. They react how they react. Each one is as unique as a snowflake. There is no right or wrong only what is. Great 55.

quilly said...

It is important to know that some people are so allergic, they cannot even be in the same room with a trigger food. This is an important message.

Shadow said...

your 55 is just perfect. very clear and concise. this must be frightening!

Maha said...

I'd like to thank you for that important message you sent. Life is very precious, and you get to live only once, so don't waste it no matter what. Great 55

anthonynorth said...

It's a terrible thing, and food allergies are on the rise.
An important subject this week.

Brian Miller said...

wow. i imagine that was pretty scary to see...its so hard as well because there are so many things that peanuts are in that you would not even think. poignant 55.

mine is up!

Hootin' Anni said...

Ya, I realize this...I've even read on the backs of OTHER foods besides chocolate candy --where it says in bold letters that 'this product is made where nuts and peanuts are used'---an allergy alert.

This is my 55 this week!

[if you decide to stop by, scroll down below my Show n tell, as always, to find my FF55]

Have a glorious weekend.

Felicitas said...

Yvonne - I had no idea GMOs in food might be one of the reasons for the rise in allergies. Makes sense though. Thanks for this information!

Ronda - Precisely! And we have to respect the issues others face.

Quilly - That's just it: merely being in the same room as certain allergens is enough to trigger an attack for some people.

Shadow - She was very fightened by the incident, to the point that she's afraid to come back into the office. It's terrible!

Maha - So true. And as such, we need to respect another's right to live as well.

Anthony - It really does make one wonder why these allergies are going up, doesn't it? Yvonne may be on to something with her GMO theory.

Brian - Nuts are in alot of things. Because of the rules at my kids' school, I have been checking labels for awhile. Even when it says there may be "traces of nuts" or "manufactured in a facility with nuts" it's too much of a risk.

Anni - Yes, we have to be very careful with this allergy in particular.

Anonymous said...

this makes me sad... so complex of a body we have and it faulters all the time...


Dulce said...

So we must be careful... Oh my
Great information together with great 55!


Mona said...

Allergies can ruin the quality of your life! I have suffered them too!

Monkey Man said...

When a little peanut = death, these are serious allergies. Mrs. MM has to carry an epi pen around due to her alllergies. Fortunately, we have not had to use it. Great 55. My 55 is HERE .

Jessie said...

my mom has severe food allergies, and has been admitted on several occassions because of them. and no, just picking out the nuts, peas, or whatever doesn't render the food harmless to the person.

an excellent post.

Mojo said...

My nephew was allergic to practically everything when he was younger. Thankfully he outgrew some of that -- a lot of it actually -- but for a while it was really tricky trying to figure out what to fix for dinner when they came to town.

Nessa said...

Very important message. No sense taking deadly chances with something so easy to prevent.

Jingle said...

you write your 55 in a perfect way,
beautiful post!
Happy Friday!

Jingle said...

I feel sorry for your woman colleague, if one lack regular exercises, one could suffer heart attacks, or any possible healthy problems, Blessings to your friend,

peace and love fly your way!
take good care!

your writing rocks!

John's comments said...

Sadly my wife is allergic to wine, which she loves. Here's my rather gory tale

G-Man said...

This is almost like a public service...
Excellent 55 Felicitas.
Peanuts could be a killer!
Thank you for playing today, and please have a Kick Ass Week-End..G

PattiKen said...

What a horrible thing to witness! So many foods have nuts hidden in them, and now there's the issue of whether the nut-free food was processed by a machine where nuts were processed sometime in the past.

I’m up here.

otin said...

There are some people who have to live with the constant fear from food allergies. I can't imagine.

Buzzard said...

It's hard to comment on such a tragic event, however your awareness and post this week may help us all to become more vigilant.

Maha said...

I gave you an award on my blog, come and check it out!

Jingle said...

Have A Sunny and Funny Sunday!
Cool blog!

Mama Zen said...

That is so scary!

Enchanted Oak said...

Thank God your co-worker survived. I watched my best friend have an allergic reaction to nuts, and it was horrifying.

Alice Audrey said...

The entire school system went nut free. I agree with them. It had to be done. Convincing the kids, though, has not been easy. They seem to think an food allergy would only effect someone if they ate the food. Not true!

I gave you the Sunshine Award today.

Jingle said...

your post wins awards,
Happy Monday!

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Me got awards for you, come on over here

Happy Wednesday!
hugs with love,

Ji said...

awards for you,
Happy Thursday!