Thursday, December 3, 2009

Isis et Osiris

On godly throne
Osiris ruled
Until Set got his way,
With evil magick
Was he lured,
And down the Nile
Was laid.

Isis’ love
And magick touch
Did resurrect
Her King,
From Holy Spirit
Was conceived Horus 
The Falcon King.

Osiris, Lord
Of the Dead
O’er all souls
Heaven or…
He alone decides.

Join in the fun: Compose a short story 
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Kathleen said...

Wow! Very impressive. You must know your egyptology!

Mine's up:

Tall Kay said...

I love how you have your place decorated! Very nice. Oh so mythical 55...I really liked it!

Alice Audrey said...

Wow, this really lays it all out quite nicely.

anthonynorth said...

A great take on the myth. I enjoyed that.

Shadow said...

wow, this is FANTASTIC!!!!

Anonymous said...

Quite mythical ~ really enjoyed your spin.

Thank you for visiting me earlier.


Friday Flash 55 ~ Sobering 55

g-man said...

I love Egyption 55's.
In fact, it's the first one I've ever seen!!
Excellent 55 My Dear...
Original and captivating, thank you for your weekly gem!
Have a Kick Ass Week-End Eh?

Dr.John said...

A 55 of old myths. Very creative.

I have finished my 55.
You’ll find it
But it’s a groaner.

clean and crazy said...

wow what a great use of 55 words!! great job, i love this one!! mine is up too

enchantedoak said...

Found you through my small circle of blogger friends and thought I'd just drop in to see your 55. It was fabulous! Perfect! All the right adjectives! Come see mine!
Chris A

Anonymous said...

Very nice... I can see myself reading this in the shadow of the Pyramids...

Anonymous said...

You certainly DO know your Egyptology! I must confess that I love Egyptology. The "artist formerly known as my soulmate" is Egyptian and his first present to me was an ankh he bought for me at the base of the Great Pyramid.

I subscribed to netflix for the sole purpose of getting watching every Egypt special created by the Discover Channel.

Love these lines -- "Heaven or ... Underworld? He alone decides".

Brian Miller said...

i have always been intrigued with egyptology....nicely done 55!

mine is up!

Monkey Man said...

Love this! My 55 is HERE.

otin said...

Very good, but is all that I could think about was the old Saturday TV show from years ago with Shazam and Isis! God, that makes me old!

Fandango said...

We remember this stuff from long ago. We dragons have been around a long time.
Very well done 55

Felicitas said...

Em & Kathleen - I'm not an Egyptologist but I do love a good myth and a challenge. There are so many details in this particular one, the difficulty was in not losing the integrity of it - every word really had to count.

Chris - Thank you for stopping by. I've checked out your post, as well, and it's fantastic!

Otin - LOL! I remember Shazam and Isis too!

ALL - Thank you for your lovely comments. I truly appreciate the positive feedback!

Larry said...

Very nice post love the Graphic also. I hope your christmas is a great one this year. Look forward to reading you again.

Green River Killer

Dulce said...

Oh I love mythology and your words are fabulous. Great 55
Long time I had not come. Sorry- Am glad to see you at Roxy's and visit you.+**

Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord said...

That was really impressive; I'm glad I stopped by to read it!

Felicitas said...

Larry - Christmas wishes to you to. I will certainly drop by and see you!

Dulce - It's always nice to hear from you. Come by as you wish... no pressure!

Megan - I really enjoy these 55-word challenges. Glad you liked it! Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

I'm just now getting around to reading your 55, and it is exceptional! Great job on mythology!