Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Crush

Uptown on a Saturday night
…2 weeks before Christmas,
An anxious mob
Swarming The City
Marking a celebrated annual tradition.

Buzzing down The Avenue
Faces upturned, cameras flashing.
Displays of beauty and opulence
Offering distraction from harsher realities.

Huddled in darkened corners
Unwashed and unseen
Those others, too easily forgotten,
Their needs set aside
As we favour our Holiday Season.


g-man said...

The Avenue?
Yonge St.?
I prefer Spadina!!!

otin said...

Very good to point that out. Christmas on a cold sidewalk alone is a tough life.

The single word on my blog was kind of a joke. A mock of six word Saturday. I do very little on that site. 99% of my attention goes to my other blog.

Monkey Man said...

The little skeleton is frightening. I know a lot of people who give of time and money at this time of year....but what about the rest of the year?

Mama Zen said...

Sad, true, and beautifully written.

Felicitas said...

Actually G-Man, The City in this case was New York, the tradition being marked was the viewing of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and 5th Avenue was where so much of the action took place. But good guess... and you certainly know Toronto!

Otin, Monkey Man and Mama Zen - What really blew me away was when I saw a homeless family with small children huddled on the stairs of a church along 5th Avenue. The juxtaposition of such glaring poverty against a background of such extreme wealth, with all these other people just so caught up in their own moment... it was a little difficult to wrap my head around.

Shadow said...

the dark side will always be there, no matter the season. it's sad. more so, in our feverish quest for pleasure during this time...

Ermanno Gioacchini, director, dramatherapist said...

Over the seasons, beyond the rituals, fighting the cold and solitude we discover our meaning.
Let me wish you a good time
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Cid said...

Thought-provoking images and words, quite a different perspective on the season, thank you.