Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Journey

The open road
Projected before us,
Awaiting life,
Through dimly cast light,
We imagine
What's there,
While squinting
Toward signposts
Too distant and blurred.

Shadowy paths
Veering off
Beyond sight,
Flanked by forests
Of dark indecision.
Impulses quelled
By illusions of past
Keep us focused
On views
Smooth, yet narrow.

Looking back
What we see
Is shrouded in mist,
True memory
Forever eludes us.
Just one way to go,
Though the route
Is our choice,
And adventure
Our tireless friend.


Larry said...

Verry Nice no wonder I like reading you I like this one The Journey.
I See

Chris G. said...

Mmm, a gorgeous shot to start the piece off with. And as to the piece itself - a smooth flowing dedication to the road of life, peppered with rich and serene visuals. A soft voice, a tempered tone, guiding us in. Beautiful.

Brian Miller said...

its the adventure that i crave....nice write felicitas

Anonymous said...

I would go to this place with you, this beauitful ride into the unknown.

The picture is perfect and I could see if our window of the car as we sped off into the shadows..

Felicitas said...

Thanks, Larry. I'll be by to read "I See" shortly.

Hi Chris - Yes, this shot really struck me as well. The way the light is reaching down through the trees is quite Heavenly.

Brian - This is the adventure of a lifetime...and exactly what we ordered!

Thomas - Sounds like plan! Let me know when you want to go.

Dulce said...

*Keep us focused
On views
Smooth, yet narrow...*

WOW Fel, this is possibly the best poem I've read from you- that's at least how I feel it right now!

What a beautiful invitation to L I V E!!!

Mama Zen said...


Monkey Man said...

I just love the strength of the visual you write and metaphor to life's memories.