Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Opposite of Love

At what point did love 
Become obligation?
Was it when 
The romance with life 
When the day-to-day 
Arrested your 
Growing ever more 
Unable to remember,
How you arrived
Your dreams
Having long since 
Fallen away,
Now ensnared
By convention or habit?
It no longer matters.


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Anonymous said...

Wow ~ heavy, deep, thoughtful. Really, really good. I loved it. Brava!

Thanks for stopping by mine as well and also your comments on the Short Story. I'm honored you took the time to read it. A compliment from a writer like you is pure indulgence for me. Thank you.


Friday Flash 55 ~ Memoirs

Brian Miller said...

oh wow. and that is the fall of love...or romance...when creativity winks out and it becomes hum drum. sad but true 55. nicely done!

mine is up!

G-Man said...

This was superb!
The perfect essence of the 55!
One of the best 55's EVER!
Have a Kick Ass Week-End My Dear!

enchantedoak said...

What a descent into something like apathy. Loved your opening line.
Mine's up at midnight Pacific time, and it's not so tragic as yours.

Mojo said...

Oh you can't imagine how deeply this resonates. Or maybe you can. Nicely done!

Prayer Girl said...

I am so glad you commented on my blog. That gave me the opportunity to find you and your thought-provoking 55.

A little sad. Unfortunately often too real. A challenge to beware the same pitfall.



Alice Audrey said...

So sad to watch a relationship go down the tubes like that.

Shadow said...

damn, it matters. it really does. brilliant write, i felt every word, every place you've written about here...

Janna said...

Thought-provoking and sad. There must be so many people in the world who really do feel this way. You've captured it very well.

My favorite line is the one about how endless drudgery can be toxic to one's imagination.

Interesting 55.

My own Friday 55 is right HERE.
Come see!

Anonymous said...

I felt the total concept of descent in this jewel... sad but true! Honestly one of the best 55's I've read. Thanks for sharing, Felicitas.

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to thank you, Felicitas, for faithfully reading my blog and leaving your thoughtful comments :) I hope your Thanksgiving Day was filled with peace and friendship! *Hugs*

anthonynorth said...

Deep and powerful words. Excellently done.

Larry said...

Nice fifty five as usual. I look forward to reading you again next week.

Buggie Land

Hootin' Anni said...

Wow....this 55 really makes me stop ---and think!!!!

My 55 is "Going Cold Turkey"...skim down below my Show n Tell post to find it. Click Here

otin said...

Sad, but a part of life. Not everything is always happy! Most of my short stories end up dark! Most of them :) My 55 is up, but check out my main blog, the wizard one, I write a lot of short stories.

Mama Zen said...

I totally related to this. Wonderful 55!

Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord said...

What a beautiful poem... Bittersweet in its ability to wake us up.
Thank you for sharing it (and I love those 55 word writing projects - I've seen others, but I can't recall where).

Felicitas said...

Kar - Thanks! And I really like what you do, as well!

Roxy - Reading your blog and dialoguing with you is a pleasure; I love how open, honest and caring you are.

Otin - I try not to get too dark here... but you're right, it's a part of life. And if we don't acknowledge what's wrong, we have no hope of finding real happiness.

Megan - If you're interested in participating or reading some other really wonderful 55s, just click on Mr. Knowitall's link above the 55 Flash Fiction Friday button and you'll find everyone listed in his comment section.

Everyone Else - Thank you for your lovely comments! I really appreciate the feedback!

Fandango said...

Now you understand why dragons treat romance as a virus.
Good 55

Susan Anderson said...

What a great description of apathetic love. Great 55. Thanks for visiting mine. I hope you visit next week.

Felicitas said...

Fandango - You dragons sure are smart!!!

Susan - I enjoyed visiting your blog, as well. See you next week!

MIke Kilgore said...

Very powerfully written tale of descent into hopelessness. So sad that this is so often the human condition. One of the best 55's I've read...

Thanks for stopping by mine, and thanks so much for the compliment.

By the always matters.....

smarmoofus said...

Between the image and your words, you've painted quite a stark and bleak picture. Great job!

My 55 was running a bit late, but it's here now...

Liara Covert said...

One view is love is all there is, it is all you are, all anyone ever is. To obscure this truth is something the mind assumes is okay. You can accept a viewpoint or choose to transcend it by allowing inner wisdom to come through.

Akelamalu said...

You captured the sadness of a failing relationship in just 55 words - well done. Thanks for taking the time to read mine and comment. :)