Monday, September 7, 2009

On Love

When you look at anything through the lens of love, it changes.

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Mark said...

Yes, when we live in love the world takes on a beautiful hue!

Felicitas said...

Hi Mark,
Yes, and when we can raise ourselves up high enough to look upon those people or circumstances in the world that would ordinarily be annoying or worse, and see instead an equal Divine being having a different life experience, or a situation that is a growth opportunity, it helps us to appreciate the world in a whole new way. That is the love of Source, Creator, God/Goddess - through our higher selves.

QThomasBower said...

Thank you for using my Heart mosaic to illustrate your lovely point.


Q Thomas Bower

Felicitas said...

Q Thomas - Your work is wonderful! I thought this piece perfectly suited my words and was so pleased when I found it.