Saturday, September 5, 2009

Life Lessons

What does it really take to unite people to a cause? Do we bond more easily in good times or does it take a crisis? Unfortunately, it seems like many of us are only motivated to respond when the going gets really tough – when situations reach critical life and death proportions. Whether we are talking about war, environmental destruction, a global health pandemic or economic collapse… nothing spurs the public on quite like a good tragedy.

So is this a bad thing? Perhaps we’d wish for people to see what’s going on sooner or that it would take less severe circumstances to get us all moving, yet, it’s through these extreme examples that we can often learn the most. Out of horrible, desperate circumstances we find incredible examples of heroism. Like a wildfire that burns long and hard, but leaves fertile soil in its wake, offering nature the opportunity for new growth – people who have been similarly devastated have to reach down deep to find the strength to turn their situation into a positive. But for those who are able to meet such a challenge, the rewards are often unpredictably wonderful and far-reaching and almost make sense of the original sacrifice.

Is this, perhaps, what life is all about? A continuous cycle of birth, death and renewal: proving our metal through the ups and downs, taking on the challenges that come our way, and growing better and stronger along the way? I think so.

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Liara Covert said...

What a beautiful post you share here. I found you through Alexys' blog. Your perspective reminds me of the power of reframing. A person always has choices to find advantages in the moment. As you learn to identify the blessings in every circumstance, you no longer have any reason to believe in challenges and they fall away.

Felicitas said...

HI Liara,
That's exactly it - we all have a choice in how we view things, though sometimes seeing the blessings can take awhile. Yet the more open we can be to whatever is going on around us, the less likely we are to view anything as strictly black or white.

Thank you for your comment!

Shadow said...

a prime example of how we resist change... will only do, unite, change when we absolutely have to...

Felicitas said...

Hi Shadow,
Unfortunately, this is the truth in most cases - I think primarily because change is a difficult concept for us to embrace. And because of that, sometimes it does take a "fire" to get us to grow beyond our limited, self-imposed boundaries.