Saturday, July 4, 2009

Truth and Consciousness

One thing most of us know but often choose to forget is that very little is ever truly as it appears. And while there are many reasons we might happily resist the inclination to examine something more closely (financial need, desire for companionship, emotional comfort, convenience, etc.), the fact is if a situation isn’t right (or right for you), the truth of it will always win out eventually.

To accept anything for how it seems on the surface is an exercise in self-deception. And difficulties that arise from ignoring truth in situations close to us span the gamut from emotional discomfort to serious life-threatening illness, depending upon the length of time one is out of integrity. As it has been said before: the greater the deception, the greater the fall. The beauty of this system, however, is that the fall itself is our wake-up call; the time when we have the option of learning from our mistake, reassembling our broken selves and deciding to a make a better choice the next time around.

The key to living our lives in integrity is simply our own consciousness. We get out of alignment when we miss or ignore the signals our emotions and bodies send us. But if we are paying attention, we can recognize when decisions we are about to make are based on ego or the opposite, which is love. The ego is all about perception and concerned only with its own preservation. It looks for lack in all areas of one’s life, exploits fears and encourages an “act now, regret it later” philosophy. On the other hand, actions derived from a place of love are routed in truth. And our emotional and physical responses are always the best barometre. 

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