Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh Canada!

As a proud first generation Canadian, I want to thank this beautiful country on its 142nd birthday for blessing me with wonderful memories of a carefree childhood, the opportunity to chase my dreams, and plenty of reason to hope for the future.
My parents arrived here from northern Europe as children, after having endured the horrors of World War II. For them, like so many others who came before and after them, Canada has been a haven - a place of true promise for fresh beginnings. And while it certainly has not been an easy transition, their early hardships absolutely ensured a better way of life for my children and me. 
So, in appreciation for having been born and raised Canadian, here are just a few of the reasons I love this country:
1)   Freedom – We can be who we are and live how we wish without fear of government interference.
2)   Collective Social Conscience – From universal health care to welfare assistance… We care about our citizens, and the amount of money we pour into all our social programs is proof of that.
3)   Multicultural Heritage – Our diverse collection of ethnicities provides us with a more global perspective and makes us more tolerant of each other’s differences. It’s also why there are more interesting varieties of food available in our grocery stores and restaurants. (Yup, it’s all about the food!)
4)   Breathtaking Wilderness – From the Rocky Mountains to Georgian Bay, Ellesmere Island to Fundy National Park we have one beautiful country!
5)   Greenpeace and David Suzuki – One kick-ass environmental organization and a crusader who has spent his life educating and inspiring us all.
6)   Peacekeepers – We don’t start wars and we don’t finish them. Instead, our brave men and women soldier up in an effort to bring harmony to devastated communities. These are true heroes who do us all proud.
7)   The CBC – for preserving and celebrating our unique Canadian perspective.
8)   Maple Syrup – What would pancakes be without it?
9)   Four Seasons – Because it's good to mix things up and the weather around here always sparks conversation.
10)   Good Manners – What can I say… our mothers raised us right and the world knows it!
Thank you, Canada and happy birthday, eh!

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