Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We are living in an incredible time of transition… allowing for the possibility of personal transformations of every sort. This, in turn, is affecting society as a whole on a very profound level. Out of the current economic uncertainty, new hope and idealism seem to be emerging. From the ashes of so many ivory towers, we are rediscovering the fertile soil of our dreams. We are waking up to new realizations of what is important in our life experience. And that is why this is an age of metamorphosis.

We, in the western world, have spent the last 100 years in a haze of unconscious development. This has left us with a superficial infrastructure based on monetary greed and a legacy of false notions about success. The continuous pursuit of a “better” job title, more expensive car, bigger house, etc. than one’s neighbour/friend/brother, for purposes of self-aggrandizement, has exacted a toll on all of us. It is Old World thinking that glorifies such ego-based goals. But the tide is turning and the collective no longer cares what “The Joneses” are up to anymore – what’s going on in our own backyards is far more interesting, relevant and important.

With environmental issues finally too big to ignore, an economic crisis that has touched most of us in some way, and health fears reaching pandemic proportions, everyone is scrambling to make sense of the new paradigm. As a result, major shifts in consciousness are occurring… and that is very exciting!

From every death, comes rebirth: an opportunity to reinvent oneself. Of course this is almost never easy, but the reward of following one’s heart and true passions is a happier and more fulfilling life and that has to be worth the effort. So here’s to metamorphosis… Welcome!

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