Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Morning!

What would it be like to wake up every morning and really welcome in the new day? Not just on the weekend or during your vacation, but on a plain old ordinary day.

When I was a stay-at-home mom I had glimpses of what that would be like, though I was generally too sleep deprived to appreciate it. Now, as a full-time working mom, juggling a ridiculously busy schedule, it seems even more impossible.

What would it take to love your life so much that when it’s time to rise and shine you feel joy and wonder, instead of ho hum or even dread? Is it really a matter of money or is this just what we tell ourselves – as a sort of excuse – as we stand in line to buy our weekly tickets for the lotto? Well, that’s a bit of a cop-out, isn’t it? Like we’re giving ourselves permission to delay happiness until we have so much money we wouldn’t know what to do with it all. Not exactly the most productive or realistic plan.

Perhaps the lesson we need to learn here is actually quite elementary and not unlike everything else we’ve learned in life: take it one step at a time. Start or change one thing in your life and then do another and another. Then before you know it, you’re living your ideal life and the mornings are better than ever. Ultimately, that’s my motivation for starting this blog. And while I don’t know where it may lead, I am looking forward to finding out. (I’ll keep you posted!)


Anonymous said...

I suppose every minute we waste being unhappy - is one minute of happiness we have lost forever.

I love where you are going wih this one - pondering this means pondering how to be happier...well done!!!



I think what a goal of happiness requires is an actual plan of how to achieve it, as well as motivation and belief in its possibility. It's too Polly-Anna to think that you can just "turn that frown, upside down" and everything will be terrific. To determine what you really need, you need to go inward and discover who you really are and feed that. It's more of a process, I think, that calls for a step by step approach on how to get there.

dustywho said...

maybe it just takes teamwork?

Felicitas said...

Perhaps that's my problem - I need to overhaul the team!

Thanks for the comment. It's nice to see that people are still interested in my earlier posts.