Friday, October 23, 2009

The Way

In the beginning,

Beyond space and time,

Rose glimmering consciousness,

From Love so Divine.

With freedom to wander,

And creation Our creed,

We raised many a temple,

To house all Our souls’ needs.

Igniting this vision,

Through fire and Light,

We made a home in the ethers,

Our dreams forged from the night.


Join in the fun: Compose a short story in 55 words and report back to the G-Man at …every Friday.


Shadow said...

wow, this is stunning! dreams and the night are forever linked in my being.

Dr.John said...

This 55 soars. It lifts one into the infinity of the universe. or not.
I have finished my 55.
You’ll find it

But it’s a groaner.

Hootin' Anni said...

Love the very last proper and fitting to end it this way. Love it.

My 55 is posted, if you'd like to stop by and read along with me. As always, scroll down below my Show n Tell Friday submission. Click HERE

Have a glorious weekend.

Brian Miller said...

beautiful 55. creation groans inside us all. hope you have a great weekend!

mine is up!

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful imagery you've captured. Time and space ~ in my 55 as well this week.

You'll find my 55 here:

Friday Flash 55 ~ Drifting.

Enjoy your weekend,

Chef Kar

Dulce said...

Hi Feli
My first time coming by (to stay)
I love your blog, your poems and especially this 55.
Well done... Nope! > Excellent

VE said...

Beautiful. That sounds like a full day!

Mama Zen said...

Beautifully done!

Mona said...

That is great poetry! indeed we found our own space in space! :)

Felicitas said...

Wow - thanks for all the support, my friends. I look forward to checking out your sites too!

G-Man said...

Anyway...Beautiful 55.
Thank You so much for this little Gem.
You Rock All of Ontario!!
Have a Glorious Week-End....G

Felicitas said...

Thanks, G-Man! You rock too!

Alice Audrey said...

Very inspiring. Love the last line.