Sunday, August 16, 2009

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Simply Conscious
– by Valerie Marta

Living consciously is a choice – and whether we realize it or not, it is a choice we make with every act and through every interaction we have. It is a process by which we build upon the character and integrity necessary to create a meaningful life for ourselves and ultimately has the power to affect our health, happiness and personal evolution.

“Simply Conscious” is author Valerie Marta’s divinely guided prescription on how to do just that, through the essential process of inner reflection, acknowledgment of personal truths and awareness of the many ways the universe speaks to each of us. Ms. Marta explains how through our coincidences, patterns, mirrors (seeing ourselves in other people), dreams, intuition, insights, and life-altering events we can find most of the answers we are looking for within ourselves.

The difficulty, of course, is being able to accept what it is we see and choosing to make decisions we KNOW are in our best interests, as opposed to what simply feels best to the ego. But by living our lives with true intentions, striving towards our highest good and looking for the signs along our journey, we are far more likely to achieve success and fulfillment.

If we could all live our lives based on the concepts presented in “Simply Conscious”, this world would be a far more beautiful place. Valerie Marta is a gifted intuitive and healer who channeled much of this book through her spirit guide, David. Currently based in Toronto, she conducts various workshops and seminars that are open to the public. For more information on how to purchase a copy for yourself, please visit

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